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Healing treatments



All my treatments

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 First treatment to  get acquainted 

 with Reflexology 

 60 min | 50 

 Each additional  treatment: 90€ 


Holistic reflexology based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can be used to heal hands and feet! The ancient, deep and healing knowledge of Chinese reflexology, foot reflexology. An intensively effective method that is intended to activate the body's self-healing powers in the event of any kind of internal disharmony that can initiate a healing change. My treatment is individually adapted to you and your issues and is based on the in-depth knowledge of my teacher Andrea Wirth ( based on Nun Jeannine Cattin and Father Josef Eugster.


Facial diagnosis according to ancient TCM

 30 min: 45 € 

 The duration of 

 this treatment  varies  individually. 

Signs such as wrinkles, skin tone nuances and (birth-)marks are all assigned to different organs and each have an individual meaning.

Since each organ has a wide variety of tasks and all emotions are attributed to one organ, your signs on your face help me to look at your symptoms even more holistically. As a result a following treatment is more differentiated and more effective.



 60 min: 60 € 

 The duration of 

 this treatment  varies  individually. 

The duration of treatment varies

individually. Belly button moxa according to Andrea Wirth (by Master Tomasz Nowakowski),stimulates the flow of Qi throughout the body, promotes blood circulation and warms up the meridians.


Strengthens the inner core and promotes a pleasant feeling in the abdominal area.


Beneficial support for colds, stomach and digestive problems, tiredness, congested lymph, feeling cold, coughing without fever as well as bone and joint pain.


Head Tuina

 60 min: 60 € 

 60 min: 60 € 

 The duration of 

 this treatment  varies 


Tianmen (Opening the gates of heaven)


Tuina is a Chinese form of massage therapy.  It works according to the principles of ancient TCM.


It’s an ideal health care. It’s health benefits are felt within 15 minutes. 


It is ideal for general relaxation and reduction of stress, so that one’s inner restlessness, irritability and tension can be released.


Energetic straightening of the spine

 108 € 

 The duration of 

 this treatment 



Realize that you are so much more than "just" your body.


Whatever symptom you are currently (showing) noticing/feeling or what challenges life is presenting you with. Experience (a UPGRADE) the straightening (the alignment) (with) as a holistic healing and harmony on all levels - body, mind and soul!


The energetic straightening of the spine (the alignment) is immediately visible. It is a lasting and successful spiritual healing method. Without any risks and without side effects!

The result is immediately visible - painless and without touching!


A straight pelvis, adjusted shoulder blades, balanced leg lengths and an alligned, straight spine!


As an experienced spiritual teacher and medium/channel for the ENERGY of (REGULATION) ALIGNMENT, it is possible to (demonstrably) achieve significant improvements through (RIGATION) ALIGNMENT, even in/with clients with the most difficult symptoms.


Healing treatments

 30 min: 45 € 

 60 min: 90 € 

 The duration of 

 this treatment  varies individually. 

Redlight - therapy, Infraredlight - therapy, Magnetic field therapy.

Meditative, energetic and intuitive healing treatments: Supported by my insightfullness, these wonderful arts of healing should have a positive effect on your life. Giving you serenity with vitality and joy of life. That's supports you in the best possible way. Pure soul alignment.


Spiritual Alchemy: Energetic radiation conversions, suppression and creation of energetic places of power.  Clearance



If you are interested in this, please contact me.


"It is the human within you that can meet, connect and awaken the human in others.
It is the human within you that can heal the human wounds in others."


 I would like to point out that I am not a doctor or naturopath. 

 I expressly make no promises of healing and make no diagnoses. The healing methods I offer do not replace a medical treatment or  therapy, but are a combination of spiritual, energetic method and the knowledge of ancient TCM. 

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