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 And your body, mind and soul in harmony.


There are certain reflexology points on the body, especially on feet and hands that correspond with particular organs or parts of the body. By precisely stimulating these zones, the body is stimulated to stay healthy or to heal itself. Blockages can be released, symptoms can be made to disappear and weak organs, bones or tissue structures can be strengthened. 


I offer you a holistic reflexology method that differs fundamentally from the well-known foot reflexology and is based on three areas of knowledge:


1. Reflexology: Where exactly are certain reflex points located?


2. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Each person is treated individually according to their physical and psychological symptoms, their basic vibration and their basic constitution, among other things according to the knowledge of ancient TCM.


3. Anatomy: How does the body work? How can symptoms and diseases arise? In addition, knowledge of the cardiovascular system is integrated into the treatment.

(According to Andrea Wirth,

My personal intention is that this wonderful body-mind-balance massage will be the ideal help for you and your body to help yourself.

My personal motivation is to support, revitalize and stimulate you, as well as to stimulate your bodily functions.

My personal goal is to bring everything that you are into your natural and optimum balance.


Sandra Kamal Prem Kaur Raab


 All my treatments can also be optained with a voucher. 

I would like to point out that I am not a doctor or naturopath.

I expressly make no promises of healing and make no diagnoses.  

The healing methods I offer do not replace any modern medical treatment or therapy, but are a combination of spiritual, energetic methods that are based on the knowledge of ancient TCM.

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